Our Ogden Community

We've been actively involved with the Ogden community for over forty years.  We love Utah...from the amazing mountains to the beautiful Salt Lake...and we're committed to making it a better place to live. We believe that bicycles are a simple solution to many challenges we face including traffic congestion, air quality, and health and wellness.  Please become part of a simple solution...ride a bike!

Bridge building up Beus

This trail is definitely steeper than it looks. Add some 12' cedar boards, and you've got a good workout!

Bridge building up Beus

One of many trips up the trail.

Tri training

Steph teaches several tri clinics throughout the year.  They're fun, free, and super informative.

Go Green!

Matt showing us how it's done picking up shop orders on his Ebike.

Wildflower Trail Fest

Steph is teaching the ladies some good cycling tips.

Ogden trail maintenance

The Bench is always in need of a little help. Donate your time when you can!

Beus bridge building

Josh tackled that 4X4X10 solo no problems.

Sweaty Yeti

It's always a good time flipping pancakes for Ogden's Sweaty Yeti!