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Cycling Tips

Sharing The Road

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Hey! Obey Traffic Lights

1. Obey, obey, obey 

  • Cyclists, just like motorists, must obey all traffic control devices   
  • It takes longer to travel through an intersection on bike; plan to stop for yellow lights   
  • Avoid cars that run red lights: wait for the green and scan to make sure it's clear 

    2. Detection   
  • Bicycles must activate a vehicle detector just like a motor vehicle   
  • Detectors are embedded in the roadway; look for squares cut into the roadway   
  • Detectors use magnetic forces to sense vehicles, not weight 

    3. Unresponsive signals   
  • In most states, after three minutes, you can treat a red light as a stop sign   
  • Pass through a red light only as a last resort and do so with extreme caution   
  • Yield to other vehicles while crossing the roadway

    Tip courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists (
  • Sharing The Road

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