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The Spin Lab is Your Ogden Race Training Solution & Certified Coaching Partner

Endurance training at The Spin Lab

We believe that a well-balanced and science-based approach to consistent training results in healthy, happy athletes that regularly surpass their goals.

What is the Spin Lab?

The Spin Lab is our in-house training facility.  Here we perform custom bikes fits, conduct lactate-threshold (LT) tests, and provide all the equipment necessary for athletes to train efficiently.  Our goal is to help you achieve peak performance...whether you are running in the Ogden Marathon, racing in the Lotoja, or setting a PR in the XTerra. 

Plenty of athletes train hard, in fact, many train too hard and never allow their bodies ample recovery.  We'll give you the tools necessary to train smart and realize the biggest gains possible given your personal circumstances.   

Our in-house coach, Steph Christensen, is a certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, certified USA Triathlon coach, and a TrainingPeaks certified coach.  She can't wait to help you make your next race a huge success!

Our Training Program is built on a simple sequential process:

Step 1: Custom Bike Fit

Step 1.  Professional Bike Fit (For running events go to Step 2)

For any training involving a bike, we recommend starting with a custom bike fit. A proper bike fit is critical to efficiency: achieving maximum power with the smoothest pedaling motion while remaining comfortable. You'll be able to ride longer, feel better, and get the most out of your training sessions.

Learn more about our Professional Bike Fits

Lactate Threshold Test Analysis

Step 2.  Lactate Threshold and Power Ramp Testing

To identify an accurate benchmark against which performance is measured, we perform Lactate Threshold and Power Ramp tests.  This is a pivotal step that allows us to accurately set training zones.  With clear, identified training zones reflecting perceived effort, heart-rate, and corresponding power output, we can tailor workouts specifically for you and your unique needs. 

Learn more about our Lactate Threshold & Power Ramp Tests 

Coaching Packages

Step 3.  Coaching packages and Custom Training Plans

Power test results allow us to tailor a custom training plan geared at supassing your fitness goals.  Once we know your fitness level and have a clear understanding of your goals, we can select a Coaching Package to fit your needs.  Training with a good coach is possibly one of the best ways to consistently make significant gains month after month and year after year.

Learn More about our Coaching Packages

Nutrition Plans

Step 4.  Focused Meal Plans

Training plans are most effective when paired with a structured Meal Plan.  To win races, you have to train right.  To train right, you have to eat right.  We offer nutrition consultations, 2-week and 4-week meal plans, and Sports Nutrition Consultations.

Learn More about our Meal Plans

Winter Training Spin Classes

Step 5.  The Spin Lab- your indoor riding destination

Maintain your hard-earned fitness year-round in our in-house Spinning┬« facility.  Whether you train to the beat of your own drum or you follow a custom training plan, The Spin Lab has all of the best training equipment at your disposal. 

Learn More about our Spin Classes

Frequently asked questions:

Who will see the benefits of working with a coach? 

The Spin Lab is for everyone.  Really!  We're here to help anyone get into better shape and achieve their goals.  It doesn't matter how old you are, how fit you are, how heavy or light you may be, or how much time you have. We can work with your schedule to get you on the fast track to health and fitness. 

We also offer coaching packages for young student athletes.  

Learn about our Youth Coaching Packages

How can we help such a diverse group of athletes?  

Our coach has spent the past seven years working with road cyclists, mountain bikers, Ironman triathletes, soccer players, runners, and swimmers.  Steph is an accomplished racer too! She's poised to give you a plethera of knowledge, ideas, and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Why should you work with us?

If you train with us, you will be faster, stronger, and you'll enjoy the process of training more than you ever have. We'll help you train smart for your next endurance race so that you won't burn out or break down.