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Good work ain't cheap; cheap work ain't good!

Since 1976, our goal has been to provide every customer with the best service for all their cycling needs.  We take pride in having workers that not only love to ride, but also have the knowledge and skills to make any bike work to the best of its ability.  We meticulously care for our shop, our tools, and the bikes we service.  When we repair any bike, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, we do our best...and we guarantee our work.

Bring your bike in today for a FREE thorough safety evaluation and service recommendation while you wait!

Package #1 - Inspection & adjustment


  • Lube skewers
  • Lube chain
  • Lube derailleur pivots
  • Grease all cables/housing
  • True wheels/lube spoke nipples
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Align rear derailleur hanger (as needed)
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Torque all bolts and pivots
  • Check and align brake levers, stem, and saddle
  • Inflate tires to correct pressure
  • Test ride

Package #2 - Major Tune-Up


  • Includes a Package #1 PLUS...
  • Deluxe bike wash
  • Adjust hub bearings
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Adjust headset
  • True disc brake rotors
  • Resurface brake pads
  • Trim cable housing to size (as needed)
  • Test ride
  • INCLUDES labor for installation of additional parts/components*
       *when purchased at The Bike Shoppe

Package #3 - Annual Peak Performance


  • Includes a Package #2 PLUS...
  • Tear down drivetrain and Simple Green degrease all drivetrain components
  • True, dish, round and tension wheels/ lube spoke nipples
  • Replace all cables and housing
  • Test Ride
  • Includes one FREE post-tune gear adjustment (cable stretch)

Package #4 - Complete Bicycle Overhaul


  • Includes a Package #3 PLUS...
  • Tear down complete bicycle
  • Clean and degrease frame and all components
  • Front hub overhaul
  • Rear hub/freehub overhaul
  • Bottom bracket overhaul
  • Headset overhaul
  • Brake bleed (if applicable)
  • Grease/loctite and torque all bolts
  • Replenish sealer in tubeless tires
  • Professional assembly
  • Test ride
  • Includes one FREE post-tune gear adjustment (to be used within 30 days)

Professional Assembly


  • Clean and prep frame (includes derailleur hanger and dropout alignment on metal frames)
  • Chase BB threads (if applicable)
  • Size and cut steerer tube
  • Adjust all bearing units
  • True, dish, round, and tension wheels
  • Install and adjust all parts/components
  • Cut cable housing to length, grease and install cables/housing
  • Trim hydraulic disc brake lines, bleed brakes as needed
  • Test ride
  • Includes one FREE post-tune gear adjustment (to be used within 30 days)

Common Service Charges

Adjust gears:  $15 per derailleur (hanger alignment NOT included)
Intall spoke(s) front wheel:  $8 (does NOT include true)
Adjust brakes:  $10-15 per brake
Install spoke(s) rear wheel:  $15 (does NOT include true)
Bleed hydraulic disc brake:  $25 (includes brake adjustment)
Install/calibrate computer:  $10 (wireless)  $20 (wired)
Install chain:  $10
Install tubeless sealant:  $15 (cleans out old sealant)
Install cassette:  $10
Install tire/tube:  $10-15
Adjust front hub:  $10
Install tubular:  $30 (includes sealant)
Overhaul front hub:  $20 (new bearings NOT included)
Install bottom bracket:  $25
Adjust rear hub:  $15
Install crankset:  $20
Overhaul rear hub/freehub:  $30  (new bearings NOT included)
Install HB tape:  $20
Adjust headset:  $10
Overhaul fork:  $80 (does NOT include seals)
Install headset:  $25
Service fork wiper and bath oil:  $50 (does NOT include seals)
Install fork:  $20-30  (cut steerer, install star nut)
Service rear shock air sleeve:  $30 (does NOT include seals)
Wheel build:  $60 (does NOT indlude spokes, nipples)
Overhaul Reverb dropper:  $80 (does NOT include seal kit)
True, dish, round, tension wheel:  $15-30
Bleed Reverb dropper post line:  $25