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Open Swim

A Desoto wetsuit will help you maximize your swimming potential by providing three key advantages:  speed, buoyancy, and warmth.  Don't compete at a disadvantage.  Rent a Black Pearl wetsuit for your next triathlon and blow the competition out of the water!


Desoto Black Pearl Pullover

Reach your full swimming potential with De Soto's T1 Black Pearl Pullover.
  • Ultra-flexible 2mm Yamamoto #38 Super Composite Skin neoprene glides through water
  • Four-way stretch nylon Lycra fabric-lined for ultimate comfort 
  • Low-cut neck for comfort
  • Chafe-free Bio-Stroke shoulder design leaves swim stroke unhindered
  • YKK zipper allows fast, easy removal for quick transitions

View the Desoto pullover size chart.

Desoto Black Pearl Bibjohn
Desoto Black Pearl Bibjohn Rear


Get all the benefits of a full wetsuit without limiting your swim stroke with De Soto's T1 Black Pearl Bibjohn. 

  • 5mm neoprene legs for maximum buoyancy and optimal body position in the water
  • 3mm bibs are super stretchy with no shoulder restriction. 
  • Yamamoto #38 Super Composite Skin rubber keeps you sleek in the water 
  • Four-way stretch nylon Lycra lining maximizes comfort
  • Elliptical leg openings allow for quick and easy transitions

View the Desoto bibjohn size chart.

What makes the T1 the best wetsuit in the world?

TWO-PIECE DESIGN — More comfort and less restriction. Because the top and bottom are not attached, changing your stroke is not necessary. We have eliminated the “torso-rubber-stretch” that causes shoulder restriction, and with it, the fatigue that occurs with traditional one-piece wetsuits. The different models of tops and bottoms are sold as separates so you can customize your fit and your performance needs.

BIO-STROKE™ DESIGN — Our wetsuit makes lifting your arms more natural. We designed it that way with the arms over your head. When lifting your arms, your shoulders rotate forward. A wetsuit should not inhibit this motion. The Bio-Stroke™ Design pulls the arms forward (resembling a mummy walking) and makes swimming less confining.  Remember a wetsuit is supposed to be most comfortable when you are swimming!

PULLOVERS WITH ZIPPERS FROM THE WAIST — Lightweight, custom-made zippers allow all pullovers and vest a more intuitive and faster removal, while offering more comfort and flexibilty during the swim.  Most importantly, the zipper does not hinder your stroke. One-piece wetsuits stretch everywhere except around the zipper.  This limits the upper body and shoulders from achieving maximum reach, which results in shoulder and arm fatigue.

LOW NECKLINE — This feature facilitates breathing, eliminating the "first timer's choking sensation" often accompanying one-piece suits. This feature makes it easier to turn your head to breathe and to raise your head to look forward. This also reduces chafing.

CORRECTS YOUR SWIMMING POSITION — The optimized hip flotation further lifts the hips and legs to put the body in the most efficient swimming position. We were the first wetsuit company to do so.  Don't be fooled by the gimmicks by other companies that place thick and thin rubber on the hips.  The bottom line is buoyancy.  The thicker the rubber on the hips and upper legs the faster you will swim.  This hold especially true if you have a weak kick.

SPEED — The T1 Wetsuit has repeatedly proven to be the fastest on the market. It is made with GreenGoma™ Limestone Rubber, making it flexible, buoyant, durable and very fast to remove. The best place to test a wetsuit is not a pool, but rather in open water over a more realistic distance with no walls from which to push off.  So test it today and read our next feature!