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We don't just spin, we spin with a purpose!

Your time is valuable.  It's hard to balance any training plan with most lifestyles.  When you finally find the time to exercise, how do you make the most of your efforts? Here's a tip: If you want training success, the first step is to create a plan.  Planning a workout schedule that matches your abilities, fits your lifestyle, measures your progress, and accomplishes your goals is tough...and very time consuming.  All that planning is confusing and obnoxious.  But no worries...we're happy to take care of it for you!  Our Certified Coach offers a Training Package that will include a custom plan specifically for YOU...your lifestyle, your schedule, and your personal goals.  Take a look below:

Each Training Package includes:

  • Individualized Coaching Plan based on YOUR personal goals
  • Unlimited access to The Spin Lab (spin bikes, treadmills, and weight room)
  • Training Peaks account
  • Monthly testing and analysis

We offer 3 month and 5 month training plans that include 3 to 5 workouts per week. For those of you just want to work out every now and then, check out our 30 day Spin Lab Pass.  This includes unlimited access to the Spin Lab bikes, treadmills, and weight room.

3 Month Training Package 5 Month Training Package 30 Day Spin Lab Pass